They walk among us 🧟 every day, everywhere, unnoticed. But they are the 🍿🌟 of social needia. It can sometimes feel like a creative cheat, but the right partnership collab quickly gets clients in front of audiences that came to get 🤪, even with brands. Here are a few of my favorite influencer experiences with Honda.


We partnered with creator and automotive guru @bhaz to engage Honda fans in social trends and everyday shenanigans.




PRIDE MONTH WITH @cruisingpod

Who’s up for a lesbian bar road trip? 🌈🚘Honda, that’s who! Out of 60,000+ bars operating in the US, less than 25 identify as lesbian bars. Honda celebrated Pride across social channels by partnering w/ the Cruising podcast 🎙️to drive a CRV across the country until they visited every one of the last 25 lesbian bars left in America.

@veggiekins & @peateatss

Sometimes the hardest part of celebrating cultural moments is finding a product's naturally unifying thread 🤝🏿 to a culture. A lot of folks we spoke to in the AAPI community reminisced about homemade snacks their parents would pack on 🚗 trips. Some weren’t stoked on this as kids, but all seemed to 👀 back on it with ❤️. Always the eternal optimist, Honda hooked up with @veggiekins and @peateatss to recreate some of these 😋snacks in celebration of AAPI month.

   @veggiekins JAPANESE SENBEI 🍘  

   @peateatss THAI SWEET & SPICY TRAILMIX 🌶️🦐🍘🥣  

50 YEARS IN 50 SECONDS WITH @omardrives

Who doesn’t like to see a public challenge? We asked Honda fans what they’d like to see to celebrate Honda Civic’s 50th anniversary 🥳. The winner asked Honda to recount the Civic’s full 50-year history. The catch? It had to fit into 50 seconds 💀. We found one influencer who thought he could do it 🙋 ⏱️.